Monday, October 5, 2009

Friends or foe?

A new discovery has found basis for the theory that good behaviours — like quitting smoking or staying slim or being happy — pass from friend to friend like contagious viruses! Social scientists Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler used information collected over a number of years about several thousand neighbours in Framingham, Massachusetts to make the connection.

This discovery reported in
The New York Times is sure to end up on high rotation in womens magazines and have many women looking at their friends with sideways glances. It certainly has me thinking that next time I am in a bad mood I better watch myself as my bad mood will have my flatmate and friends cranky and ready to dump me quicker than I can say “cranky pants”!

Lucky for me all my friends are happy, funny, slim, gorgeous and healthy and while this may be exhausting at times I now realise it is a blessing in disguise! How many times have I bought chocolate and offered it to a friend only to hear them decline. This certainly helped me to limit my consumption and therefore help keep my waistline in check.

Now all we need is the study that confirms that boyfriends make us fat and we’ll have discovered two of the worlds least kept secrets.


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