Monday, August 31, 2009

At home with The Selby

Ever wondered what the inside of your neighbours home looked like? Messy or Tidy? How have they used the space differently to you? Modern or miss matched? Ever wondered how interesting people whether in art or fashion or whatever decorate their homes? Maybe I'm just nosey (I am definitely that) but I have. I am forever listening in on peoples conversations and staring at people so naturally I find myself wondering about where they live and what they do... I think this is why I love The Selby so much. It quells my nosey appetite for knowledge about peoples lives.... somewhat.

We all now have the chance to see how models, artists, designers and PR wizards live via
The Selby, the fantastic website that features photographs of the insides of peoples homes. Check out model/stylist Erin Wasson in her Manhattan loft apartment - she truly is all boho. Compare Erin's style then to Carine Roitfeld's daughter Julia Restoin Roitfeld's modern sleek style. Both are daughters of fashion and both have very different style sensibilities. I love it.

Erin Wasson at home in Manhattan:

Inside Julia Restoin Roitfeld's Manhattan pad:


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Peter Pilotto Prints Pop

I'm a sucker for a popping print. An outfit combining a print adds vibrancy to my day, lifts a dark mood and puts power in my stride. Whether its in colour or in black and white it definitely changes the way I feel. It exudes confidence and says a lot about a persons personality. When you combine a print with beautiful fabric and quality cut you get noticed for all the right reasons.

One of my favourite labels for a print is See by Chloé, the younger slightly less expensive Chloé line. Bold, bright prints in beautiful silk have been a feature in the See by Chloé collections. I never fail to get a compliment or enquiring stare when I wear one of their dresses.

One label renowned for its prints is Peter Pilotto. Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos are the designers behind the London based label whose AW08 collection was credited by as one of the ‘Ten Most Promising New Talents’. Pilotto and De Vos (who met at Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2000) compliment each other with Pilotto focusing on print and De Vos shape although it truly is a combined effort. Their Fall09 collection is inspired by science, nature and the big bang theory and you can see this in the colour blend of the print. You can just picture lava, explosions and starry constellations.

Peter Pilotto is sold exclusively in Australia at Blonde Venus in Brisbane but is also sold at Colette in Paris, Matches in London and Opening Ceremony in NY, LA and online.

Images: Catwalk shots - and, Celebrity shot -, Rihanna -, Peaches Geldof -

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh Palermo!

I was quite taken with these images of Olivia Palermo when I spotted them on Everyone Loves Fashion blog. I had heard the name Olivia Palermo before but to be honest I had know idea who she was. I quite liked the idea that I didn't and tried to imagine who she was, what she did and why she chose this outfit... Was she dressed for work? Is she on her lunch break? I quite liked the idea that she might be a corporate heavyweight meeting a friend for coffee just after a meeting with a client... In truth she is just another reality TV star with a great stylist and a decent pay cheque. Oh well. I am inspired by this outfit and think it sure beats the boring suits I see the rat raced mobs getting about it. People get a reality check and join Palermo.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beauty Drama Edgy Daring = Stine Goya

The words used by Danish designer Stine Goya to describe her designs are Beauty, Drama, Edgy and Daring and I 100% agree. But what's also great is her designs are not so out there that it would frighten the more discerning dresser. There is definite beauty in her cut choices, drama in her colour combo's and when put together its oh so right now in the most measured of ways.

Stine Goya graduated from Central St. Martins in 2005 and her first collection was presented at the Copenhagen and Paris Fashion Week in February 2007. Her latest collections shown at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2 weeks ago, featured her trademark penchant for prints (she specialised in print at St Martins) and interesting use of colour. If I have to give style references I would say it has the drama of Sass and Bide but the sophistication of Ginger and Smart.

Stine Goya is stocked at Style Junky Australia- 76 William Street Paddington NSW2021 Sydney


Monday, August 24, 2009

Bag Lady

So I need a black handbag. My regular black day bag was stolen a couple of months back (devastated!). I actually own 5 handbags - which I think is quite restrained considering most of my bags are small bordering on clutch sized and none cost more than $200. The two I use the most were surprisingly bought from Primark, the UK equivalent of Target and cost 8 pounds each!

I usually have more expensive taste than my Primark specials. Even if I don't set out to buy the most expensive bag in the store, I like many females, am drawn to the most luxurious and most pricey. It's built into my psyche I'm sure.

To date I have failed in my black bag mission. I went to David Jones but the cheaper brands sit side by side with the more expensive ones and I was always drawn in the direction of the more expensive ones, how can you not when YSL sits side by side with Guess! I tried Mimco but their styles are always so heavy. By the time I add my daily necessities I feel like I am lugging a 1 year old around with me.

Here is my list of most wanted handbags so far. It contains a mix of the lux I lust for and the sensible that I can afford... a girls gotta dream...

  1. Rachel Ruddick - This Australian handbag designer is, I think, a cut above the rest. Not stocked everywhere and not on every second girl's arm they are my little secret and now yours too. Not all of her designs are in my price range but you can get most styles in a less expensive leather.
  2. Belen Echandia - Okay so these are getting a little more pricey given they are made to order and priced in pounds but I love the styles and that they can be customised.
  3. Becker Minty - This great gem stocks Sabrina Scala and ISCOV and I have been meaning to pop into the store to check them out - their prices range from $215-$700.
  4. Dio Dato - I would love a Givenchy Nightingale bag from Dio Dato but alas I can't spare the expense...
  5. Louis Vuitton - I have harboured a guilty secret love of the Stephen Sprouse Speedy. I have no idea what they cost but don't really want to find out!

Rachel Ruddick

Belen Echandia - I'm yours tote

Givenchy - Nightingale

Louis Vuitton - Stephen Sprouse Speedy

Images: Sartorialist (Louis Vuitton), Rachael Ruddick (Rachel Ruddick), Belen Echandia (Belen Echandia), and (Givenchy)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Singer Cassie might be copping some flack for her new hairdo but she is just continuing a trend lead by British model and socialite Alice Dellal. Way to set yourself apart from the rest I say. Cassie is just another beautiful singer in a pack growing in numbers and I think her new hairdo makes her standout and shows the girl is fierce. She got my attention!

Images: Alice images are from; Cassie image is from and

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brand placement

For or against there is nothing like a bit of brand placement. It's what makes brands a lot of money and a lot of people very happy (should that be jealous?). Whether we love to hide it or love to flash it we mostly just plain love it! Some might say they bought their LV, Chanel, YSL, Givenchy handbag, sunglasses, purse, keyring because they are well made and represent value for money... Whatever! Most get it because of its association with the brand. Being personally one you likes the understated, I still have to face facts that the reason I want that Givenchy Nightingale is that it is "Givenchy" darling! I may not be a lover of the double C earrings, necklace, sunnies but I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to show off a little Givenchy symbol on my handbag handles or a couple of C's on a quilted 2.5... No sir-y bob! If Mark-Kate can do it so can I.

Mary Kate Olsen "subtly" doing it for Chanel...

The power of branding! Taking it to another level...

Can't afford to do it at all... make your own?!

Solange Knowles - another fan of the double C