Monday, August 10, 2009

Paint me Pastel

What is it about a nail varnish that gets us girls excited! Cute names and cheap treats always cheer us up. There is nothing like a fresh polish of the nails to set us off. So what are the must paint polishes for spring summer. Its all about less pop and more posh. The colours aren't as brazen as last spring summer and pastels are it. I just love Chanel's "Orange Fizz", think sherbet bombs and candy hearts... delicious! Essie has also included similar shades in its latest Summer Collection, I love "Cute as a Button" and "Lovie Dovie". OPI's latest South Beach collection is full of last years colours in slightly more muted tones. For something completely different try OPIs "Sandy in my Suit" and "Done out in Deco".

If you work in the Sydney CBD and want a cheap treat, head to the OPI counter at David Jones. The girls there will paint your nails for $10 and do a shape and paint for $20!

Chanel - Golden Sand and Orange Fizz

Essie - Cute as a Button

Essie - Lovie Dovie

OPIs latest South Beach Collection

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