Monday, August 24, 2009

Bag Lady

So I need a black handbag. My regular black day bag was stolen a couple of months back (devastated!). I actually own 5 handbags - which I think is quite restrained considering most of my bags are small bordering on clutch sized and none cost more than $200. The two I use the most were surprisingly bought from Primark, the UK equivalent of Target and cost 8 pounds each!

I usually have more expensive taste than my Primark specials. Even if I don't set out to buy the most expensive bag in the store, I like many females, am drawn to the most luxurious and most pricey. It's built into my psyche I'm sure.

To date I have failed in my black bag mission. I went to David Jones but the cheaper brands sit side by side with the more expensive ones and I was always drawn in the direction of the more expensive ones, how can you not when YSL sits side by side with Guess! I tried Mimco but their styles are always so heavy. By the time I add my daily necessities I feel like I am lugging a 1 year old around with me.

Here is my list of most wanted handbags so far. It contains a mix of the lux I lust for and the sensible that I can afford... a girls gotta dream...

  1. Rachel Ruddick - This Australian handbag designer is, I think, a cut above the rest. Not stocked everywhere and not on every second girl's arm they are my little secret and now yours too. Not all of her designs are in my price range but you can get most styles in a less expensive leather.
  2. Belen Echandia - Okay so these are getting a little more pricey given they are made to order and priced in pounds but I love the styles and that they can be customised.
  3. Becker Minty - This great gem stocks Sabrina Scala and ISCOV and I have been meaning to pop into the store to check them out - their prices range from $215-$700.
  4. Dio Dato - I would love a Givenchy Nightingale bag from Dio Dato but alas I can't spare the expense...
  5. Louis Vuitton - I have harboured a guilty secret love of the Stephen Sprouse Speedy. I have no idea what they cost but don't really want to find out!

Rachel Ruddick

Belen Echandia - I'm yours tote

Givenchy - Nightingale

Louis Vuitton - Stephen Sprouse Speedy

Images: Sartorialist (Louis Vuitton), Rachael Ruddick (Rachel Ruddick), Belen Echandia (Belen Echandia), and (Givenchy)

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