Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear St Valentine

Dear St Valentine

Who are you and where did you come from? I heard you were a Catholic martyr and that you were not one but many. Strange. A feast in your honour was started by a Pope in 496, he thought it might be a good idea to set aside the 14th of February as a day to eat in your honour. Cool. But what is your story? Why and how did you inspire a tradition of celebrating love for another? Seems no one knows. Many say it is consumerism that inspires your tradition... I don't care, sounds like fun to me. But maybe you should have a rule book associated with your holiday. It could start with:
  1. Flowers coming from organic matter only - no plastic thanks.
  2. Celebrate it wholeheartly or not at all. Complaining that V Day was created by commerce is boring.
  3. Acts of love come in many forms and it doesn't require the spending of money - jewellery made of grass/picked flowers (sorry neighbours), whispered words, notes of appreciation...
  4. V day is not a birthday - wish lists are a little rich.
  5. Secret admiring can be flattering but a little freaky... do it with care...
So, Saint V can you pass on the message and thanks for the inspiration.

Love LMc

PS I know I said rule 5 was don't make wish lists but this is not technically a wish list, its a list to inspire... (I promise!)

For her:

Heart Ring with hidden Sapphire by JORDY $195 from THE GRAND SOCIAL

For him:

Nathan Smith Cardi $149.95 from THE GRAND SOCIAL

For you both:

Good Vibes Tickets (or other another concert to dance and have fun at)

Photos: The Grand Social,

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