Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to queue Michi Girl style

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week starts next week and the Michi Girl forecast for 24 April 2009 had the new queuing guidelines for those having to queue for a view... He he he...

The Rules
Friday, 24th April 2009

Next week is Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and that means queues. It can be dangerous standing in line with hungry fashion types all vying for a good seat. I pity the fool that has to queue. To keep order this year they have a new set of rules to gain entry:

1. Queues will be formed in height order tallest to shortest (see instructional tea towel to the below). Short people will be last let in.
2. Eating is not permitted.
3. Anyone not sporting a vacant distant look at all times will be escorted from the site.
4. Sunglasses and mobile phones must be kept in contact with your face at all times.
5. No smiling

Gee, sounds fun huh? Think I'll stay in bed.

Photo and 'The Rules' by Michi Girl:

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