Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I spied with my little eye the most gorgeous of jackets today. I was on an escalator on my way to get an after lunch treat when I noticed that a beautiful model type standing in front of me was wearing an awesome jacket. At the bottom of the escalator she went left and I went right. As I as walked away I couldn’t stop thinking about her jacket and decided I would have to go back and find her to ask where she got it. I found the beautiful model type standing with her beautiful model type friend and excused myself “Um, do mind if I ask where you got your jacket?” The beautiful model type looked at me and purred back in a European accent “Helmut Lang”. Bummer dude! I can’t afford Helmut Lang at the mo. Upside, I ditched the plan to get an after lunch treat (nothing like seeing a beautiful model type to make you rethink the after lunch treat!)

The jacket...

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