Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Take Five

I went through all my old CDs over the weekend. Remember those people. Once upon a time we used to go to HMV and Sanity and buys CDs! Now we get online and download our music from Itunes, BanditFm and LimeWire.

Going through my old CDs was certainly a walk down memory lane and I found some great stuff I had forgotten all about. Case in point my Dave Brubeck Collection CD. I remember my dad bought it for me when I learnt the saxophone as a kid and I grew to love it. It is an absolute classic and I have had it on rotation since I rediscovered it. Check it out guys. I think jazz and non jazz lovers alike will think its super cool.

This version above is slightly faster than the CD version I own. I think I like the slower version better but at least you get the gist of what its about.

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