Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crochet for Cate Blanket I mean Blanchett

What a storm in a tea cup Cate Blanket I mean Blanchett has created by wearing this one off creation by Romance Was Born. The press are in a tizz over her appearance at the opening of the Screen Worlds at ACMI in Melbourne yesterday in Shock Horror a crocheted dress that looks like your grandmother's favourite throw or her much loved tea cosy. The dress, part of the Romance Was Born's much lauded Spring Summer 2009-2010 collection, was reported to have been crocheted by Anna Plunckett's mother. Anna is one half of the Romance Was Born design duo, the other being Luke Sales.

The Herald's fashion commentator Melissa Hoyer was unimpressed but Adelaide Now reported that "Project Runway Australia mentor Henry Roth gave Blanchett a "gold star" for being imaginative and different". I too give Blanchett the thumbs up! Of course there are more beautiful dresses out there but Blanchett was having fun with it and I love that. Cate is a champion of the arts and this is just another example of her getting behind her creative pals.

It will no doubt be debated whether crochet is suitable for the red carpet but this particular number at least matched it!



Anonymous said...

Even on the other side of the world your blogs are still fabulous!! x

Anonymous said...

For the record I think it's cool.

Anonymous said...

Its definitely an interesting look... hmm