Wednesday, September 2, 2009

High waists and low cuts

Designers must have been channelling the 1940s when designing their spring summer 09/10 swimwear collections, either that or Bridget Jones! One of the standout swimwear trends this coming spring/summer is high waisted bikini's and low cut cut bottoms. This trend tends to remind me of the briefs girls wore over their undies at school when playing sport. I had many pairs of the nasty nylon briefs designed to protect my modesty by hiding my floral and cartooned knickers. Luckily the designs seen in the SS09/10 shows came in much prettier colours and prints although I am not sure they do anymore for our figures than the old sports briefs.

Karla Spetic is the ring leader of this trend. Her SS09/10 collection featured heavily high waisted big bottomed swimwear. Her designs were by far the prettiest and came in lovely pastel shades and prints that will definitely lure many a girl to follow this trend against their better judgement. Sara Phillps and Illionaire were also champions but chose darker more flattering (if that is possible) shades.

Please don't get me wrong on this one. I love the idea of this trend and fell in love with Karla's designs but I can just see this one playing out badly. Girls beware!

Karla Spectic SS09/10

1940s swimwear

Sara Phillips bikini SS09/10

Bikini beauty 1945

Illionaire SS 09/10

Doris Day the 1940s bikini pin up


Anonymous said...

love it! I am a definite Harry Highpants lover!

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another great blog! x